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Our experienced family immigration lawyer takes a flexible approach to customer service. Our goal is to provide individualized, trustworthy service that meets your needs and your wallet. From an initial, free telephone consult through transparent contracts based on flat fees, Hessel Immigration aims to provide immigration legal services that are high in value while remaining affordable to those in need.

– Brent Hessel

Your Future Is Our Priority

Our experienced immigration lawyer offers full-service family immigration legal services, whether in obtaining permanent residence in the United States, nonimmigrant visas, or a strong defense during removal proceedings.

Our family immigration lawyer is experienced with the full range of immigration legal services, including immigrant and nonimmigrant consular processing and waivers, applications and petitions before USCIS and deportation defense in immigration court.

Whether you need a solution to a specific problem or general guidance and an understanding of the options available to you, our experienced family immigration lawyer can provide you with the immigration legal services you need.

Immigration Practice Areas

Our experienced family immigration lawyer believe in bringing compassion together with the knowledge gained from years of immigration experience to help you to understand what immigration legal services we can provide to help meet your needs.


Our experienced family immigration lawyer believes that families have a fundamental right to be together and to do everything in their power to provide the best opportunities to their children; we know the immigration legal services that will best protect you and your loved ones.

Our experienced family immigration lawyer will carefully walk you and your family through the complex immigration legal services open to you. We will explain your options and answer your questions in order to help guide you to the best solution for you and your family, whether it is obtaining permanent residence through either USCIS, immigration court, or U.S. Consulates, or seeking short-term solutions to immediate medical or financial concerns. We will help you to understand what protections are available to you and the relative strength of the different options available.

Our experienced family immigration lawyer has successfully guided individuals and families past the obstacles presented by illegal presence in the US., criminal histories, previous removals, divorce, abuse, and death. If there is a way to get you what you the immigration legal services you need, I know that I can find it.

Immigration Court

Criminal charges play an enormous role in immigration law. It is absolutely essential that you understand the potential legal consequences of criminal charges AND plea bargains on available immigration legal services. Oftentimes, what is a good choice before a criminal court IS NOT a good choice for your immigrant status. Family immigration law has a very different view of what constitutes a conviction, so your probation may still put you at risk of being deported or denied entry to the U.S. However, there may be hope – if you have current criminal charges pending, our experienced family immigration lawyer can represent you before the criminal court to make sure that ALL of your interests are served. Or we can consult with you and your criminal attorney to assist in ensuring the same result. If you have a criminal history, you may be able to reopen the prior cases and have the results changed – expungement will NOT protect you from suffering negative immigration consequences as a result of criminal convictions; sometimes fighting for post-conviction relief is your best choice. Other times, you may be able to have the immigration consequences waived, whether before USCIS, the Immigration Court, or U.S. Consulates. Whatever the options available to you, we will make sure you are not only given every chance to achieve and meet your needs, but that you understand why this is happening and why certain choices may be impossible or inadvisable.

Asylum / U Visas

Our experienced family immigration lawyer understands the full range of immigration legal services and can help navigate this complex system to protect you and your family.


Business immigration legal services are a complex process, especially in the current economic climate. It will depend on a number of factors, including the type and size of the business, the education and experience of the prospective employee, or the extent of the investment being considered. Our experienced immigration lawyer can help your business to understand the options open to you that can help your company grow.

Our experienced immigration lawyer can offer you a range of immigration legal services based upon your individual and corporate needs – whether it requires the creation of business plans, job descriptions, and corporate minutes, or is more limited representation before the relevant government agencies. 

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From Our Clients

We stand by our clients and secure them with the best immigration legal services representation our experienced family immigration lawyer can provide.

“Brent, your help with all of this is well worth much more than what you have charged us and we are thankful for your generosity. . . you really have gone way beyond what you have been paid to do.  I know what you do is time consuming and your time is valuable and you have been super generous to all of us.”

T. A.

“It is so great having her home! Thanks for all you did to help us! God is good!” 

T. H.

“Trust is not an easy thing to me so when I trust someone, you know you have done the best by me. After our first meeting, I felt that you gave it to us straight and we could believe what you were telling us. I guess I just wanted you to know that you are helping me control my destiny and the destiny of my family. “

R. D.

“I was very reassured by your bright ideas and input. I felt like you created some much needed imagination. You are intuitive.”

K. S.

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