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Hessel Law takes a flexible approach to customer service. 

Hessel Law takes a flexible approach to customer service.  Our goal it to provide individualized, trustworthy service that meets your needs and your wallet.  From an initial, free telephone consult through transparent contracts based on flat fees, Hessel Law aims to provide services that are high in value while remaining affordable to those in need.  I will not suggest services that will not help you achieve your goals or that are unlikely to yield positive results or that may put you or your family at risk.  Please click below to learn more about my approach to serving and protecting my clients’ interests.

Free Phone Consult

I want to make sure that we want to work with each other before you come in and start paying me for my time.  I offer 10-15 minute, FREE telephone consultations, during which I can quickly assess whether or not you are likely to benefit from my services and demonstrate to you that I am more than capable of protecting your interests.  

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Needs Assessment

If we both agree, we can set a time to meet, either in person or via video chat depending on your location. I will spend 1-2 hours with you and your family, employers, managers, or business partners, digging deep into your situation and explaining what options exist for you. If I do not know the answer to a question or issue, I will immediately perform the research and quickly provide a comprehensive analysis of any immigration-related matter you raise. This assessment is your time – we will spend it in whatever way best meets your needs. Some prospective clients will need a deep analysis of their histories to determine what options are available to them; others may wish to be walked through the application process, gaining answers to important questions about USCIS procedures and essential evidence to be included in their application and petitions. I will help navigate you through this complicated process, showing you relevant websites and examples.

At the end of the assessment, I will develop a strategy tailored to your stated goals. This will include a series of specific steps that I believe will best meet your needs. This will be so specific as to identify key milestones, forms, filing fees, and time frames. I will also give you a flat fee for these services, and discuss flexible payment options to meet your budgetary constraints. I understand that this is an important decision and do not expect nor require you to make a decision on the spot. I will advise you as to what effect, if any, waiting might have on your situation, and give you a copy of the proposal to take with you. You can discuss your options on your own time, shop around with other lawyers, or even use it as a roadmap to try and represent yourself – this strategy is yours. While the cost of this assessment is $250, this will go towards your down payment if you do make the decision to have me represent you. This credit will hold whether you sign immediately or months after being given the proposal.

Flat Fees & Flex-Pay

I believe strongly in the value of flat fees. I have worked within a number of attorney fee-setting processes, and detest the effect of having to track and charge for every phone call, every letter, every email, every conversation. As an experienced immigration attorney, I know how much of my time your case will take me and I will base my fee on this assessment of your legal needs. If your needs are short or unpredictable, we can discuss billing at my hourly rate of $250.

Transparent Contracts

I will not bind you to a contract for services that I can not guarantee I can provide; if there are additional steps that require approvals of prior motions or petitions, or back-up plans to follow initial strategies, these alternatives will be explained and separated from the initial flat fee. I want to make sure you know what you are paying for and what you getting for your money. There will not be hidden costs or extra fees without your prior approval.

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